• Reference standards
  • Individual reference standard management

Customised reference standards

For new active ingredients and impurities, we qualify reference standards just for you and according to the intended purpose. We supply you with pre-portioned reference standards on a just-in-time basis for your purpose.

Qualification upon request

Do you need a reference standard to characterise a new active ingredient or new impurity?

We qualify primary standards, working standards or identity and purity standards specifically for you and advise you on further qualification parameters besides identity, content and purity testing depending on the substance characteristics.


Reference standard management

Choose exactly what you need!

  • Source or produce your required reference standards
  • Qualification according to the latest state of scientific and technical knowledge
  • Individual portioning for your analysis, under inert gas if required
  • Storage under controlled conditions in line with GMP requirements
  • Monitoring of shelf life and inventory
  • Just-in-time supply to your laboratory facilities

Your benefits

  • Qualification under GMP according to international regulatory requirements
  • Customised reference-standard concepts
  • Individual portioning for direct use in the lab
  • Handling: good flowability and crystallinity of the reference standards
  • Primary packaging in brown glass vials or brown glass ampoules for light protection, Alu/Alu secondary packaging as protection against external influences
  • Storage under controlled conditions in a GMP environment including shelf-life testing
  • Just-in-time supply to your site under controlled transport conditions, globally in cooperation with Merck
  • Reduction of internal overheads for administration, invoicing, storage, analysis and quality management

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