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  • Small batches

Manufacturing of small to medium sized batches

We are specialised in the Manufacturing of small market batches under GMP conditions.

Small batches

In addition to our many years of experience, we also have a wide range of technological and analytical equipment for the development, manufacture and characterisation of medicinal products. Besides conventional manufacturing processes, we also offer innovative technologies to meet the challenges of new active substances. Nanotechnology in particular represents a focus within these innovative technologies.

For registered products, we take care of the manufacturing, labelling, packaging and serialisation of small and medium batch sizes as well as clinical trial batches.


Our services

Solid dosage forms
  • Manufacture of oral solid dosage forms up to approx. 75 kg batch size
  • Manufacture of granules, direct blends and filling into capsules
  • Manufacture of granules, direct blends and processing into tablets and film-coated tablets
  • Manufacture of pellets and filling into capsules
  • Manufacture of meltable tablets (ODTs)
  • Manufacture of buccal tablets
  • Flavour masking
  • Primary packaging of tablets, capsules in blisters or tins
Semi-solid and liquid dosage forms
  • Manufacture of semi-solid and liquid products up to approx. 100 kg batch size
  • Manufacture of solutions
  • Manufacture of micro- and nanosuspensions via wet milling (bead milling) or high-pressure homogenisation (HPH)
  • Manufacture of emulsions and self-emulsifying systems (SEDDs, SMEDDs)
  • Manufacture of lyophilisates
  • Filling of liquid products in vials, bottles and syringes
  • Filling of semi-solid products in bottles, tins, syringes and tubes
  • Manufacture of solutions and emulsions and filling into hard capsules
Packaging and serialisation
  • Customised primary and secondary packaging
  • Procurement of packaging materials (labels, folding boxes, package leaflets, etc.)
  • Serialisation (TraceLink)
  • Security features (e.g. tamper-evident labels)
Clinical trials manufacturing
  • IMPD WritingIMPD Writing
  • Primary and secondary packaging
  • Individual labelling incl. blinding/randomisation
  • Manufacturing patient kits
  • Release and stability testing
  • QP batch release
  • GMP storage incl. cold storage
  • Distribution under controlled conditions to trial sites
  • Procurement of comparative products (comparators)
  • Import / export and customs clearance

Your product does not fit into any of the above categories or is not yet ready for manufacturing, needs to be redeveloped or optimised?

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