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The HWI group

The HWI group is an innovative and independent partner of the pharma, medtech and biotech industries.

HWI was founded in 1991 and has been further developing its range of services for active ingredients, medicinal products, medical devices and related products ever since. Today we offer our HWI services from our sites in Rülzheim and Frankfurt (HWI pharma services GmbH), Appenweier (HWI development GmbH) and Planegg (HWI regulatory services GmbH).

The HWI service portfolio ranges from analysis and quality control, active-ingredient characterisation, product development, production of clinical samples and small batches, marketing authorisation, drug safety and GxP services. Together with our network partners, we offer clinical and preclinical investigations.

We also supply high-quality pharmaceutical reference substances with additional services such as user-specific portioning, storage, monitoring and (just-in-time) distribution.

In addition to conventional services we are open to new and innovative models of collaboration with our customers, for example co-developing medicinal products, independent complete life cycle support of products and product groups, and undertaking responsible tasks for our customers.

Our aim is always to provide services that create the greatest possible value for our customers. Benefit from our interdisciplinary knowledge and our experience in analysis, development, production, marketing authorisations, clinical matters and drug safety. Use our network of experts and our effective and well-coordinated team.



1991 - Foundation

Foundation of HWI ANALYTIK GmbH in Rheinzabern with analytical services for medicinal products and related products as well as isolation and purification of enzymes

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1995 - Relocation

Business relocation within the Rheinzabern site: Relocation to new GMP laboratories and offices on the premises of Rats-Apotheke in Hauptstraße 28, New: Qualification of pharmaceutical reference standards, Establishment of a laboratory unit for isolation and purification of natural products from medicinal plants, 8 employees

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2003 - Business expansion

Business expansion: Relocation of the Isolation of Natural Products Department to a second site in Römerbadstraße, Rheinzabern, 30 employees

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2006 - Foundation

Foundation of i.DRAS GmbH in Planegg/Martinsried. Relocation of drug regulatory affairs services from HWI to i.DRAS.

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2008 - Foundation

Foundation of Sercona GmbH (Appenweier) as a subsidiary of HWI ANALYTIK by takeover of the department for formulation development of medicinal products from a CMO with 25 employees. Purchase of the pharmaceutical laboratory LAZ from Prof. Dr. Hamacher in Tübingen. Capacity expansion of GMP laboratory in Rülzheim. Relocation of company headquarters of HWI ANALYTIK from
Rheinzabern to Rülzheim. 65 employees (HWI ANALYTIK).

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2015 - Location and brand HWI

Purchase of previously rented premises of Rheinzaberner Straße 8 in Ruelzheim. Establishment of the brand HWI group.
130 employees in HWI group.

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2020 - Frankfurt Site

HWI group takes over the Frankfurt development site of Losan Pharma GmbH. HWI is thus further developing its strategy towards high potent active ingredients and sterile dosage forms.

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2019 - Concrete planning HWI Campus

Start of concrete planning of further buildings on the HWI Campus to expand the analytical laboratories, development and administration capacities of HWI group. Change of corporate name of i.DRAS GmbH to HWI regulatory services GmbH.

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From 1991 until today

HWI pharma services was founded in Rheinzabern in the Southern Palatinate in 1991 by Dr. Stefan Wissel and Professor Dr. Hanns Häberlein – at that time under the name HWI ANALYTIK. The first letters of the names Häberlein and Wissel gave rise to the name HWI. The addition “Analytik” describes the young entrepreneurs’ focus of activities at that time, which lay on the processing of analytical issues for medicinal products and related products.

Read for yourself how the success story has progressed!

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