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Technology platforms

Our technology platforms for lean product development, troubleshooting or other complex matters relating to medicinal products.

We offer:

Analysis platform
  • Broad range of established and innovative chemical and physical measurement methods
  • For chemical, biological and herbal active ingredients and ready-to-use products
  • Rapid results in product development
  • Quality control for batch release and stability testing
  • Strategies to identify contaminants
  • Rapid troubleshooting of medicinal-product quality problems
Technology platform for prolonged-release tablets
  • HWI formulation technology for delayed active-ingredient release from the tablet
  • The retardation matrix is adjusted to the chemical and physical properties of the active ingredient
  • For chemical and herbal active ingredients
  • Optimum retardation matrix using design of experiment (DoE) concept
  • State-of-the-art analytical methods to monitor success
Technology platform for poorly soluble active ingredients
  • Solubility improvement for poorly soluble chemical and biological active ingredients
  • Micronisation and nanonisation technologies, silica carrier
  • Efficient screening to select the suitable technology
Technology platform for the appropriate administration route
  • The aim is to achieve the greatest possible bioavailability of the active ingredient
  • For chemical, biological and herbal active ingredients
  • Rapid or delayed active-ingredient release, sustained-release forms
  • Formulation choice:
    • Oral: tablets, capsules, granules, pellets, gels
    • Parenteral: solutions, microsuspensions, nanosuspensions
    • Nasal: sprays, gels
    • Pulmonary: dry powder inhalers (single-dose inhalers)

Dr. Stefan Wissel
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