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Sustainability - women creating the future

Introducting with Marie Freifrau von Ebner-Eschenbach`s "What we do today decides what the world will look like tomorrow", FAZ Verlag presents the best practice reports and measures for sustainable management practice by women in leadership positions: https://fazbuch.de/produkt/nachhaltigkeit-frauen-schaffen-zukunft/

HWI group is represented with the article "Innovations and Services for a better life" by co-author Mrs. Dr. Melanie Kerst. Innovations are a key element for companies to acting sustainably and achieving a positive contribution to the implementation of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and taking into account the quality criteria (Environment, Social and Governance, ESGs) of corporate governance.

Since the founding of our family owned company 30 years ago, we have developed our services in alignment of our customer´s needs. For over a decade, we have been actively creating innovations in our industry, developing now what our society will need tomorrow. Our platform technology focuses on the development of parenteral and nasal drug products for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases such as COVID-19, among others.

We are convinced that proactively driving and creating change will ensure our long-term success. But for changes and innovations to succeed, we need to design them successfully with the right mindset. The world is changing faster and faster: we are using this as a great opportunity by taking time to transform fears and comforts into courage and curiosity about new developments. We strengthen professional qualification, specialisation and bundling of interdisciplinary knowledge, which we use in particular in innovative drug development that we are driving forward together with partners and customers.

We achieve this especially by no longer seeing innovation as a planned and controlled change, but by moving away from classic project management methods towards agile processes. We are practicing new ways of thinking, working styles and digital tools - we thus see changes and innovations as opportunities that are both exciting and motivating. The digitisation of our processes is therefore part of our corporate strategy and crucial for the implementation of functional requirements of our customers, for whom we are improving our processes overall and thus conserving resources.

In parallel, our organisational advancement has also become a central element. We have realised that the more we are utilizing everyone's potential and ideas, the more innovative we are. Focus on  our employees, our customers and our partners and building up trustful collaborations are success factors for us in exchanging ideas, increasing knowledge and innovation.

Only if we continue to think innovatively will we find solutions to the diverse challenges of our time. Retrospectively, we always learned in the past that change and innovation have created a better life - so we at HWI are aspiring to actively creating our future, aware of risks but not unwillingly to take: "Innovations and Services for a better Life".


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