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The following projects of the HWI group are supported by funding programs:

InnoTop: Innovative Screening and Technology Platform

The vast majority of new chemical and biological active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are poorly soluble in water and physiological media. These active ingredients are difficult for the body to take up and are therefore poorly available at their target site in the body.

HWI plans to establish an innovative screening and technology platform for the fast, flexible and cost-effective development and manufacturing of parenteral (sterile) drug formulations with poorly soluble APIs. We therefore want to further develop nanotechnology for the improvement of bioavailability.

An application for funding for this project was submitted to the Innovation and Technology Support Programme (InnoTop) of the ISB Rhineland-Palatinate. This project will be supported by funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


AIQNET - Medical Data Ecosystem

HWI is part of a consortium that is one of the winners of the AI Innovation Competition by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Aciton in 2019.

A digital ecosystem called AIQNET is being built collaboratively. The aim of the platform is to structure and use medical and clinical data in compliance with legal and ethical framework conditions

Since January 2020, the project partners have been developing the technical infrastructure and its applications. The focus is on structuring data using artificial intelligence and creating a legally secure framework. In the future, for example, the performance and safety of medical devices can be measured objectively and largely automatically. Administrative tasks of healthcare, e.g. documentation, can be handled by relevant applications. A special feature of the project is the close cooperation between industry, research and healthcare.

By providing access to technical and scientific data with great depth, the ecosystem offers future partners the opportunity to develop their own health applications at low cost and to benefit from the legally secure, validated framework of AIQNET. More information: www.aiqnet.eu


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