benefits of HWI reference standards

With our services, you optimise your reference standard management with these benefits:

handling and scaling

Our solid reference standards are offered with good flowability and crystallinity. This ensures easy handling in your lab. All reference standards can be packed in quantities for one analysis, also under inert gas atmosphere, if necessary.


The portioned reference standards are packed in amber glass vials with screw-caps and in an aluminium bag as secondary packaging. This packaging offers optimal protection of the reference standard against external influence over a long storage time, even under extreme storage conditions. Packing for transportation is also done substance-specifically to ensure flawless delivery.

storage & shipping

We store all reference standards under controlled climatic conditions according to GMP requirements over the agreed period of use. We deliver the reference standards in agreement with our customers at defined dates (just in time) for analysis.


We regularly retest our reference standards and use the substance-specifically developed and validated analytical methods. This allows us to ensure the quality of our reference standards over the agreed period of usage and helps you avoid a costly method transfer.

Contact: Simone Schäfer, Sales Reference Standard Services
Email: s.schaefer(at)
Phone: +49 7272 7767-16

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