Here you can find a list of our technical equipment in our laboratory:


16 Waters Alliance HPLC instruments, 3 Merck-Hitachi instruments with

  • UV/PDA-, fluorescence-, refractive index-, light scattering and mass spectrometric detectors
  • Pre- or post-column derivatisation equipment

3 Waters UPLC Aquity instruments with

  • PDA-, fluorescence or mass spectrometric detection

6 Agilent GC instruments with

  • Flame ionisation or mass spectrometric detection
  • Split/splitless or headspace injection
mass spectrometry
  • Triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (Quattro Micro and Ultima PT) for routine analysis, hyphenated with UPLC/HPLC
  • QToF (time of flight) mass spectrometer for structure elucidation using the exact molecular mass (high resolution mass spectrometry), hyphenated with UPLC
  • 5975C XL quadrupole mass spectrometer, hyphenated with GC

Multi-element analysis of up to 66 elements in the ppm/ppb range using graphite furnace and flame atomic absorption spectroscopy

additional equipment
  • dissolution testing with paddle / basket apparatus: 5 dissolution testers (Sotax, Erweka, Varian) with manual or automatic sampling
  • qualitative and quantitative thin layer chromatography
  • titration equipment for
    -assay determination
    -volumetric or coulometric Karl-Fischer-titration
  • refractive index, density, pH, osmolarity, disintegration, particle size distribution, exhausted sample preparation equipment
  • NGI (dry powder inhaler)


chromatographic equipment for substance isolation and purification
  • Preparative HPLC for isolation and purification of reference substances, impurities and degradation products in the mg- to g-scale
  • Medium pressure liquid chromatography (MPLC) for mg-scale isolation and purification of reference substances, impurities and degradation products
  • Fast centrifugal partition chromatography (FCPC) as an additional tool next to classical chromatography

Christiane Wiegand
, Head of Laboratory Services
Email: c.wiegand(at)
Phone: +49 7272 7767-2521

Dr. Melanie Kerst, Managing Director
Email: m.kerst(at)
Phone: +49 7272 7767-2510

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