dosage forms

In our new technical laboratory, we can develop and manufacture solid, semi-solid and liquid formulations according to ICH guidelines in small to medium-sized batches. We can also carry out work with highly toxic substances and with substances of unknown toxicity.

  • Solid formulations: tablets, film-coated tablets, sugar-coated tablets, hard capsules, pellets, granulates, powder
  • Semi-solid formulations: creams, gels, emulsions
  • Liquid oral formulations: solutions, suspensions
  • Formulations with modified active ingredient release: instant-release formulations, delayed-release formulations and prolonged-release formulations
  • Parenteral formulations in collaboration with external partners

Contact: Dr. Alexandra Keilbach-Bermann
Head of Drug Development and Production / Head of Quality
Email: a.keilbach-bermann(at)
Phone: +49 7805 401-502

Selection of tablet formats

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